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You only need one good reason to outweigh the list of bad

I have this exciting project at work. It’s something that’s never been done before (at least not at Three), and it’s faced a lot of naysayers. So much so that it was pretty much shelved indefinitely.

But luckily, a strong leader brought it back to life, simply by questioning why we weren’t doing it, and challenging all of our reasons. Her attitude, in turn, challenged me to think differently.

So I drew up a list of pros and cons. I thought of all the reason why we shouldn’t go ahead with this project. I thought about the opinions of others in the business that believed it couldn’t be done.

The cons list was extensive. And the pro list was really just one single great reason. And then I thought – screw it! This one single reason is good enough for me! This one single reason is good enough for this project to push forward.

And through this experience I’ve realized that there are often many reasons why something shouldn’t be done. Lists upon lists of reasons why something is a bad idea.

Most of these reasons come from a bad place, a lazy place, from lazy people who fear change and fear hard work. From people who fear failure so much they build huge barriers around everything to avoid change, to maintain the status quo and live an easy life.

But the thing about barriers is this: It only takes one good reason to break them down.

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