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When I grow up I want to be a graphic designer

In my high school art class, I was given this pattern design assignment.

On a basic sheet of paper, I had to draw six equal size boxes. Within these boxes, I had to come up with six separate geometrical patterns.

I don’t recall what the end designs looked like. But I do recall the creative process being a really enjoyable experience. Which basically consisted of me sitting in front of the television, with a notepad on my lap, curled up in a ball for hours sketching out designs. I tried to replicate shapes and patterns with mirror precision, using dull pencil crayons on basic white paper. It was analog at best, but it was one of my most memorable work experiences.

I remembered thinking at the time that sitting around, designing stuff for work was a great gig.

Sadly, and for reasons I can’t remember, that was the last art class I took in school. But every now and then I’ll pull up Photoshop, press a load of buttons, spew out a few images and pretend I’m a designer.

Dinner tonight



Nature and stuff



Chevron bleu



Chevron brun








Lucky you



Be free to dream






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