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What’s your erogenous zone?

And how do you want to draw attention to it?

Fashion Week is a wrap in New York, and as spectators travel to London, Milan and Paris to watch the Spring 2011 collections unfold they go forth reflecting upon the trends that have emerged thus far. The biggest take-home points if you will.

Spring 2011 Fashion Week

It’s always exciting to see what happens during these four weeks of pure excitement and anticipation. Reporters, editors, buyers – and now bloggers – study the collections with the same zeal and fervor as those who follow stocks, sports, and the release of Apple products.

As big themes take shape we’re inspired to understand the significance of these trends, as well as how to implement and interpret them in an everyday way. Especially when the hard-hitting trends are provocative and a tad impractical. Like the peep show elements that are prevalent on every designer’s runway.

Spring 2011 Fashion Week

Real-world application begs the question: How to wear such seductive fashions without compromising your own level of confidence, and perhaps your work-place dress code?

Proenza Schouler did the troubleshooting for us by incorporating aesthetically-pleasing undergarments, while Reed Krakoff and Rodarte showcased strategically placed pockets and embroidery.

Many designers rebelled against the usual industry demand that things be “wearable”.  Keeping with the spirit of the season, Michael Kors and L.A.M.B. showed beautifully elegant and sheer looks at Michael Kors and L.A.M.B.

Spring 2011 Fashion Week

The only solution in this instance is a perfectly-matched nude bra or a strategically placed jacket/cardigan. Obviously those who suffer from hot-flashes will have to use caution with this alternative. Removal of a coverup would result in indecent exposure.

But aside from sheerness, designers appear to be truly preoccupied with drawing attention to our erogenous zones.

If fabrics were not transparent and flighty then they were certainly nominal, and cut to provide minimal coverage of only the most essential parts, kind of like pasties.

Spring 2011 Fashion Week

Helmut Lang, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bill Blass, Jason Wu (he’s for sure an exhibitionist), Rachel Comey, Vena Cava, Richard Chai Love and L.A.M.B. all showed a bra-top silhouette, putting the torso on full display.

But if you’re modest by nature your safest bet is to take the plunge, literally. Cleavage friendly necklines are the most conservative way to incorporate the nudity that is so prevalent for Spring 2011.

Spring 2011 Fashion Week

And if you’re flat like me, the just-hang-off-your-breats type dresses at Ruffian are a flatteringly way to highlight slenderness of the chest. Proenza Schouler, Ralph Lauren, Rachel Comey, Costello Tagliapietra and Reed Krakoff also provide a take on this look.

And please, don’t wear a bra. Please. Really.

Of course you could also show off your gams. Thigh-high slits, often overtop of hotpants and short-shorts, achieves the same “here’s-my-body” objective, while sheer bottoms (with the appropriate underwear) can be equally on-trend.

Spring 2011 Fashion Week

And if you’re extremely modest then try see-though inserts like at Reed Krakoff or sheer overlays a la Isaac Mizrahi.

Finally, if you’re really one to push boundaries then this one by L.A.M.B. is the way to go. But don’t be surprised if you cause an accident or receive discomforting glares. This look has a time and place. Judge accordingly.


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Spring 2011 Fashion Week


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