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What it feels like to fail a 30-day blogging challenge


On May 17th I silently embarked on a 30-day blogging challenge. I blogged for 24 days straight. But then stopped after we arrived in Canada last week. I was six days shy of completing the challenge. This was my second attempt, too.

I first tried to blog for 30 days straight on March 23rd, and only lasted 11 days.

In other words, I failed. Twice.

They say that in order to develop a habit, you must complete the activity every day (preferably at the same) for 40 days straight. After which, the habit is formed.

I’m not particularly disheartened about failing. I feel like everyone talks about how important it is to fail, and how important failure is to success.

What’s more, a 30-day blogging challenge is actually quite a fun challenge to impose on oneself. It’s not like a detox where you’re trying to subtract the bad. This challenge is all about adding more into your life. It’s about carving out time everyday to write your thoughts, ideas, and stories down on the internet for other people to see. Forcing yourself to articulate a point of view everyday also challenges the mind and puts it through rigour.

So here’s to the start of my next 30-day blogging challenge. Lets see how long I last this time…

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