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The things it took me 30 years to learn  

1. Work is actually just like school

When I was a student, I couldn’t wait to get a full-time job. I thought – wouldn’t it be awesome to leave work and just shut off at the end of the day? Little did I know that work is actually just like school.

For example, you have the same hierarchy:

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 23.20.16

You also have recess and lunch. Except it usually takes the form of smoke and coffee breaks. You have assignments to work on (projects), you have homework (late night emails from the boss). You’re graded on your performance; only instead of an A+ you get a glowing 360 review.

There’s even cliques, bullies, and that random guy or girl who works by the copier who you think is cute…See, it’s just like school.


2. You only panic about age when you’re not happy with life

Turning 22 was brutal, I didn’t like it. Turning 25? I pretty much skidded into that age.

Turning 30? I feel pretty darn good about it.

I’m super pumped for my 30s, I think they’re going to be a million times better than my 20s. At 30 you have confidence, you have experience, you have (some) money, and you care less and less what other people think of you.

3. Younger men are actually better than older men

So many reasons to list here, but the one key reason for me is that younger men are just that: younger. What better way to make one’s old-fart self feel better then remembering one has a 26 year-old boyfriend. Life is good.

4. You’re not always right, and that’s OK. 

At a certain point in time you’ll realize that you’re actually wrong more than you’re right. But the good thing is that when you’re wrong, you learn the error in your ways, and you become smarter and more experienced. So being wrong is good.

5. Materialism is never the answer.

When I first started university, I was a material girl in a material world. I was keeping up with the Jones’ at Queen’s University, where everyone wore UGGs, Lululemon yoga pants, Tiffany dog collars and Chanel sunglasses. Boy were we a bunch of cookie-cutter lemmings. Never will I try so hard to fit in anywhere again.

6. Mom was right to stop me from getting a tattoo or piercing.

Now, no disrespect to my tatted up friends and family. You all look awesome with your tattoos. But I’m glad I wasn’t allowed to get one, and here’s why.

I wanted a butterfly on my shoulder at one point. Would I like it now? Absolutely not.

The story went like this:

Me: “Mom I want to get a tattoo.”
Mom: “Not until you’re 16.”
Me: “I’m 16 now, I’m going to get a naval ring.”
Mom: “Not until you’re 18 and you move out of the house.”
[Turns 18…decides not to get one. Mom wins 1-0.]

7. There will come a point in time when you forgive your parents for screwing you up.

I think it’s usually around the age of 28 or 29. That’s when you stop resenting them and start worrying about them dying on you. Sounds dramatic, but that’s my worst fear in life right now.

In all seriousness, it’s around this age that you start to see yourself and your sibling(s) as becoming more and more like your parents. Then you start to appreciate how fast time goes, and how every moment you have with them is special.

Last but not least,

8. You will eventually prefer a quiet evening on the couch, watching Netflix.

Am I wrong? Didn’t think so. Pass the blanket…


  1. Vicki Rutherford Vicki Rutherford

    Amen and Halleluha! Every decade brings new revelelations and I am at the Time Clock, lol. Tic Toc

  2. Vicki Rutherford Vicki Rutherford

    Amen and Halleluha! Every decade brings new revelelations and I am at the Time Clock, lol. Tic Toc

  3. Cindy Gladish Cindy Gladish

    Brooke you are a natural writer. I so enjoy your sight. Keep up the cooking video’s they are great fun. Love your beautiful face. Love ya

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