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The secret to living is giving


I recently finished Tony Robbins’ book Money: Master the Game. Yes it’s true, his book titles read like cheesy infomercials. But the content of the book was worthwhile, all 600 pages of it.

I recommend you buy it on kindle rather than paper format, unless you wish to carry a brick around with you for 2 months (which is basically the length of time it took me to read it).

The book goes into extensive detail about financial products, services, philosophies…dense read but perfect for anyone who has ever felt a hopelessness or lack of control and understanding around money. This book breaks it all down for you, everything you need to know.

But the biggest takeaway was the book’s conclusion: It doesn’t matter how much money you have. The secret to living is not making as much money as you possibly can in the span of your life.

The secret to living is giving.

Giving can mean anything from your time to your money. In his book,

Tony used the example of an investor who taught his children to divide their allowance into three separate jars.

One-third of their allowance would go into their personal jar, this would be money that they could save or spend. Another third would go into a jar for giving to family, friends and loved ones. And the final jar was dedicated to giving to people they didn’t know. This could be for charity, strangers on the street, etc.

I really love this idea of dividing up what we have for the purposes of giving it away to others. When you aim to give away whatever you have left after bills, savings and some pocket money, you realize just how much you truly have in abundance. And just how little you actually need to be happy.

When you give to others, you immediately feel a sense of adding value to their lives. Which immediately gives you a sense of purpose in life, a purpose greater than simply fulfilling your own needs.

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