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New Year’s Resolution: Wear More Red

Happy Holidays everyone! Or as it’s said in London, Happy Christmas! I imagine you’re all with your friends and families, enjoying loved ones, resting and eating grotesque amounts of Christmas pudding, trifle, froie gras…whatever your food-related sin is. For me, times of rest mean brewing thoughts, times of reflection, times of growth, inspiration, relaxation, all things spiritual that keep me whole and centred. But I thought this would be a…

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Stars and Stripes

When we were young my sister and I had the crème de la crème of dress-up boxes. My mom always had a really quirky sensibility when it came to clothing, accessories, cool sh*t to play with, etc. One day she brought home a pair of Lucky Brand denim shorts, with a cotton rendition of the Star Spangled Banner sewn on the front. Even better, hidden under the fly was the…

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