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Tag: Anxiety

What anxiety feels like

Living with anxiety has all kinds of consequences. For example, I am never good enough. Whether that’s in regards to my appearance (the wrinkles around my eyes, my crooked nose), the work I do everyday (I don’t work hard enough, I don’t produce enough results, I have very basic skills), the food I put in my body (it’s not pure enough, whole enough, or nutrient-dense enough). Basically…nothing I do is…

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Do what is right for you

The year I turned 24 I went through some fairly significant life changes: I finished my Master’s thesis and six years of university, my grandfather passed away, I moved cities and took my first job out of school, I got dumped in a bad way, travelled to Europe for the first time, lost loads of weight and my period, started smoking, started and quit a PhD program at a French…

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