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Sole Mate: LFW The Daily presents a back-of-the-Mercedes interview with footwear designer Georgina Goodman

Georgina Goodman LFW The Daily Mercedes Benz

BR: What was your starting point for A/W 11?

GG: I looked at everything I really loved that was essential in my wardrobe. I thought about what my customers ask for and worked on my version of these classics. I think people are very careful about what they’re spending their money on, about what they’re wearing, about everything at the moment. As a consumer I’m looking for things that are special, that have longevity, which enhance your personality. It’s about paring down and investing in things you can wear for a long time.

BR: Were there any specific references that influence latest collection?

GG: Sexy Sloane meets post-punk. It’s not power dressing, its empowered dressing. I don’t work in themes. I work in moods and feelings.

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