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Piers Please: LFW The Daily chats to magical milliner Piers Atkinson in the back of a LFW Mercedes-Benz

Piers Atkinson LFW The Daily Mercedes Benz

BR: Dear Piers, what was your starting point for your A/W 11 collection?

PA: I was thinking about everybody who comes to this amazing city to make their dreams come true, and how many of us make this dream come true at night: dancers, actors, night creatures. So it became about night life in London. Lots of night-sky colours, midnight navy, bruised purple, street-light sodium orange and a bit of gold. Quite nice.

BR: When you’re designing, what do you work around first, the hat or the outfit?

PA: All my collections start with a character, then I draw. I’ll draw a little beret, then draw ‘Paris’ on top with a big gold pen, and I think, “I’ll do that in neon!” Then I think of how I can translate that into a wearable object. Luckily I have a friend who’s a neon artist, Darren West. My work has to be right for customers, press and myself. So I do a few for pop stars, a few for me, a few for Fenwick’s, then suddenly it’s 40 hats!

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