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Marginalia: How I survive

I learned a new word today: Marginalia. By definition this word refers to the notes, comments, asterisks, highlights, etc. that you make in the margins of a text. I’ve based my education and career survival on marginalia, and now I finally know its name. Hallelujah! This must be what validation feels like…. Originally, I discovered the word from an article written by Ryan Holiday called Strategies that helped me write…

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PTD: Post-travel depression

That moment when you return home from your holidays and find yourself overwhelmed by simple, small tasks, and underwhelmed by your everyday life that you left behind. That, my friend, is called post-travel depression, or the post-holiday blues. Dr. Gerhard Strauss-Blasche from the University of Vienna’s Department of Physiology identifies the post-travel depression as a result of the “contrast effect.” Meaning, holiday-goers who experience a short period of little to…

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When I grow up I want to be a graphic designer

In my high school art class, I was given this pattern design assignment. On a basic sheet of paper, I had to draw six equal size boxes. Within these boxes, I had to come up with six separate geometrical patterns. I don’t recall what the end designs looked like. But I do recall the creative process being a really enjoyable experience. Which basically consisted of me sitting in front of…

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I’m on a boat

Today I drove the boat. Which is kind of a big deal, because I never drive the boat. In fact, I’m afraid of driving the boat. But today I said “screw you” to fear and I drove it. And that’s about as anti-climatic as it gets. But thankfully Mark was on hand to capture the moment of the experience on my iPhone 6. Check it out.

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Why I need four weeks of summer

Mark and I set a new life goal today. We’ve decided that two weeks of summer holiday is just not enough. Nope. We need four. Just like the French, Italian, and Spanish families that go away for the entire month of July and/or August. I know it’s not ideal to take all your holiday at once. But there’s something to be said for having four weeks off (consecutively) during the…

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What it feels like to fail a 30-day blogging challenge

  On May 17th I silently embarked on a 30-day blogging challenge. I blogged for 24 days straight. But then stopped after we arrived in Canada last week. I was six days shy of completing the challenge. This was my second attempt, too. I first tried to blog for 30 days straight on March 23rd, and only lasted 11 days. In other words, I failed. Twice. They say that in…

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Sitting on the dock of the bay wastin’ time

Cottage life is a different kind of existence. Life slows to a standstill here. Scheduled meal times are forgotten. Traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner is swapped out for coffee, cake, and ice cream. Cottage life consists of sitting around, drinking margaritas or coronas and contemplating life. It consists of rituals like walking on the beach, going out in the boat, or jumping in the river. (Well…for Mark at least.) Cottage life…

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How to be a

I’ve always been interested in freelance-type marketplaces, as I’ve always been interested in going freelance. But also because I love the peer-to-peer economy. We all know my affinity for Airbnb, but I also use Task Rabbit, Uber, and Bizzby on a regular basis, too. There’s something very empowering about cutting out the middleman and going direct to service provider or client. It’s empowering everyday people to be entrepreneurs, and run their own…

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Remember that time I was trolled and it ended up on FAIL blog?

First let me set the scene for you. I had been watching countless documentaries about the dark web, Wiki Leaks, Anonymous, etc. I was in a real docu-phase. I had just recently watched The Islamic State by VICE News on Youtube, and was interested in finding counter sources to how they covered the events in Syria before and after the takeover by ISIS. So I tweeted this:   Now, I didn’t…

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How to be

I recently discovered this great website called It’s a screen-saver slash soothing music portal with guided mediation thrown in. And it is awesome. Select the nature screen and accompanying sound that appeals most to you. Then select the length of time you wish to meditate for. It can be for two minutes, or 20. Up to you. You also have the option to select guided meditation, where a woman…

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