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When you possess light within, you see it externally

When you possess light within, you see it externally -Anais Nin There’s something very grown up, clean and straight forward about these looks. They could be construed as conventionally pretty, but I think they embody a certain simplicity, a certain wholesomeness that feels very healthy, very of-the-moment. The freshness of unkempt hair, with the exception of a dramatic lip-paint, make for a laid-back approach to beauty, and subsequently style. It’s…

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Women of Power: Phoebe Philo

This month I’m launching a blog series called Women of Power, dedicated to those who inspire me both stylistically and ethically. This theme, like all great things, emerged organically. I was contemplating a belated wrap-up of Paris fashion week when a no-brainer came to fruition: fashion, right now, belongs in the hands of various influential and highly-powered female figures. And perhaps the be-all end-all collection from Paris – the one…

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Narrate and Share

Principle research scientist Andrew McAfee at the Center for Digital Business in the MIT School of Management knows a thing or two about maintaining records, and keeping one’s information impeccably organized and reference-able. In a discussion on Generation Y’s penchant for web 2.0-induced sharing, he presents some pretty cool insights on how this habit is beneficial for organizations. According to senior research analyst (NPR) Matt Gallivan, Gen-Y’s openness towards information…

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The C Word

There’s a growing consensus amongst my contemporaries. It involves the overuse of that dirty C word…you know…creativity. I could go deep into this rampant obsession and frothy-mouth-induced fascination that the “creative paradigm” has brought to all facets of our world – arts, science, and busine$$. But I’ll leave that to the experts. What’s more interesting to me is how we’ve come to distinguish anything that’s smacking of originality as “creative”.…

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Burton’s Beauties

Vicki Vale, Tim Burton and Batman’s leading photojournalist/heroine/babe played by Kim Basinger, enters Gotham City, and Gotham Globe, on the hunt for Batman. She meets him, falls in love, gets terrorized by the Joker, wears a lot of amazingly minimal things, triumphs to victory, etc. First off, the thing I love about Tim Burton is his sensitivity to costume. His characters always possess a little je ne sais quoi, which…

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London calling

Moving to London this fall, I’m poised with the challenge of packing perfectly impolite. If this contrast of adjectives sounds confusing then good – I’m already on the right track. London has a pretty peculiar reputation that combines tradition with subversion, structural-architectural tailoring with hodgepodge market finds, and a healthy dose of rebelliousness. England is the Motherland of punk – an ideology and style grounded in an anti-establishment ethos. London’s…

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Stars and Stripes

When we were young my sister and I had the crème de la crème of dress-up boxes. My mom always had a really quirky sensibility when it came to clothing, accessories, cool sh*t to play with, etc. One day she brought home a pair of Lucky Brand denim shorts, with a cotton rendition of the Star Spangled Banner sewn on the front. Even better, hidden under the fly was the…

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Like every detail counts

I have a confession to make: sometimes I get sick of looking at fashion. After weeks and weeks of shows the initial excitement I feel at every season eventually wears off due to an indescribable level of saturation. Imagine 223 shows and counting. Not including Paris Fashion Week and Semaine de Mode de Montreal, which started yesterday. We’re talking fashion gluttony here people. If I see another set of mile-long…

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What’s your erogenous zone?

And how do you want to draw attention to it? Fashion Week is a wrap in New York, and as spectators travel to London, Milan and Paris to watch the Spring 2011 collections unfold they go forth reflecting upon the trends that have emerged thus far. The biggest take-home points if you will. It’s always exciting to see what happens during these four weeks of pure excitement and anticipation. Reporters,…

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Sliding Doors: The Cashmere Connection

It’s a sad day/week/month when you lose something you love. This idea could be applied to anything that one holds near and dear to their heart. I’ll use the analogy of a cashmere sweater to illustrate my point, but feel free to replace said inanimate object with whatever (or whomever) ails you. Case in point: a cream-coloured cashmere sweater of magnificent proportions, purchased on the streets of Paris (for a…

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