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1 week, 1,000 thousand views, 5 truths

I’ve blogged everyday now for a whole week. It might sound like an insignificant amount of time, but for someone who confessed a week ago to the inability to blog on account of fear, I think that’s pretty darn good.

Here’s what I’ve learnt during this experience:

Practice makes perfect

It’s true that the more you do something, the easier it gets and the more confident you become. The hesitation I’ve experienced over talking about certain topics just goes away the more I talk about them. Something that seems big and scary at first really isn’t all the bad at all.

Blogging everyday is easier than blogging every other day

I’m not sure whether this is the case for everyone but it definitely is for me. It’s easier for me to commit to blogging everyday than it is to do it more sporadically. Stopping and starting projects takes more energy than it does to slowly chip away at something everyday. Slow and steady wins the race.

Coming up with things to write about isn’t all that hard

If you recall my post about fear, one of my concerns about blogging was whether or not I would have enough stuff to say. It’s early days, but I’m surprised with how easy it’s been to come up with content ideas. I’m essentially just writing about my life, I just didn’t realize there was so much to write about it.  

Even if you only impact one person, you’re still having impact

This lesson serves more as a thank you to those who have contacted me to say they enjoyed my blog and that it had an impact on them. It means a lot to me to have such positive feedback. It also reminds me that people are kind and supportive, and that I should always pay the same kindness and generosity it forward!

Your mom(s) will still always be your biggest fan

At the end of the day, even if no one else reads or comments on the content I’m sharing, I can always count on my mom and Jenny (Mark’s mom) to write something encouraging. Here’s to moms!!!

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  1. Vicki Vicki

    I enjoy reading your thoughts, dreams and goals.

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