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New Year’s Resolution: Wear More Red

Happy Holidays everyone! Or as it’s said in London, Happy Christmas!

I imagine you’re all with your friends and families, enjoying loved ones, resting and eating grotesque amounts of Christmas pudding, trifle, froie gras…whatever your food-related sin is.

For me, times of rest mean brewing thoughts, times of reflection, times of growth, inspiration, relaxation, all things spiritual that keep me whole and centred.

But I thought this would be a good opportunity to incorporate the festive season with the pre-fall season, and my personal resolution for 2011: wear more red.

Red is the colour of passion, aggression, anger, lust, love and richness. All things that somehow make up my life and yours (perhaps in less intense degrees). Red is the colour of stop lights, the colour of warning, the colour of caution, the colour of power, and all things intense. It commands attention, signifies vibrancy, it’s shocking and bold, it’s concentrated pigment, it’s primary. It represents fire and blood, essential components of survival.

All these attributes mean that red commands attention, asserts power and lifts spirits. All the attributes I wish to incorporate into my outlook for 2011. What better way to ensure that I keep this mindset than to dress accordingly?

Looking for inspiration wasn’t too difficult considering the pre-fall 2011 collections were like a bursting aorta, rich haemoglobin colours, so vibrant and intense, but fresh all the same.

So if you’re looking for further inspiration I’ve compiled a 30 ideas to carry forth this resolution.


Preen Luca Luca Pre-Fall 2011

Thakoon Pre-Fall 2011

Reed Krakoff United Bamboo TSE Pre-Fall 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone cover RedMichael Kors Red WatchBalmain Opening Ceremony Red LeatherPatsy Stone Cher Clueless Lady Gaga Sienna Miller Red Ray-BansCarolyn Bessette Kennedy Republica Patsy Stone

  1.  Preen pre-fall 2011
  2.  Preen pre-fall 2011
  3.  Luca Luca pre-fall 2011
  4.  Luca Luca pre-fall 2011
  5.  Thakoon pre-fall 2011
  6.  Thakoon pre-fall 2011
  7.  Thakoon pre-fall 2011
  8.  Reed Krakoff pre-fall 2011
  9.  United Bamboo pre-fall 2011
  10.   TSE pre-fall 2011
  11.   Joseph at
  12.   marc by Marc Jacobs at
  13.   bi-stretch wool Minnie pant at
  14.   cashmere pom-pom hat at
  15.   red ruffle mini at
  16.   Vivienne Westwood Anglomania at
  17.   Rag & Bone Hampstead striped sweater at
  18.   Michael Kors round oversized watch at
  19.   Opening Ceremony racer platform booties at
  20.   Balmain embellished motocross jacket at
  21.   Vivienne Westwood Anglomania at
  22.   Red ruffle mesh underwire bra at
  23.   Sienna Miller photo from
  24.   Cher from Clueless photo from
  25.   Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous
  26.   Lady Gaga meeting the Queen
  27.   Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and JFK Jr.
  28.   Pretty Woman photo from
  29.   Republica’s Ready to go
  30.   Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous

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