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Broadway Market and Regent’s Canal in photos

We’re pretty lucky that some of the best spots in east London are right on our doorstep.

We’re 20 minutes from Broadway Market, Columbia Flower Market, and Bricklane. We’re also right on Regent’s Canal, next to Victoria Park. Get your fill of authentic east London all the while staying within a two mile radius of our flat. Perfect, right?

One thing I’m guilty of is not taking enough photos of this amazing neighbourhood. My generous parents bought me a new camera for Christmas (thanks mom and dad), and I have to admit, I rarely use it.

There’s something about strolling around these parts with a camera in hand that makes you feel a bit like a – hate to say it – douchebag. (Not another picture of graffiti and/or street art, please).

But instead of feeling self-conscious about it, I thought I might as well stick to my “I don’t care what people think” streak. Because at the end of the day, no one really cares about whether you’re taking photos or not. So, get over it.

Plus I really want to start practicing photography again. I feel like it’s such an important skill to have in the age of the Internet, where content is like gold.

So here’s my Saturday, narrated through images (and some commentary). Enjoy.

We started the day with a lovely stroll along Broadway Market. Decaf soy flat white, anyone? I loved this flamingo, until I realized it was being attacked by an…iguana?

Broadway Market Street Art

We continue our journey down Goldsmith Road, where we purchased a bargain vintage drafting desk for Mark. The streets are lined with these beautiful cherry blossom-like trees. Not sure what they’re called. Anyone know?



Next stop, Hackney City Farm in Haggerston where we peruse the garden.

Daffodils Hackney Farm

Check out this freaky thing. My mom loves weird sh*t like this.

Hackney Farm Haggerston Garden

Mark gets attacked by a rooster. But he doesn’t seem to mind.

Hackney Farm Haggerston Chicken

He turns on me, and I run away in fear.

Hackney Farm Haggerston

We stumble across this Banksy on Pollard Street.

Below left is my photo, capturing the artwork in its present state. Below right is the original, captured in 2007 via eddiedangerous on flickr. Sad how it hasn’t be preserved.

Banksy Pollard Road 2015





Next, we head to the Albion on Goldsmith Road for a pint and some sun.

Goldsmith Albion

Then back up to Broadway, for more pints and more sun.

Broadway Market Busker

I teach Mark how to take pictures.

Market Pub Broadway Market

Market Pub

Yellow Raybans

We stroll home, along the canal.Regent's canal chill time

And meet Pluto the dog.

Regent's Canal Boat

We find some fascinating artwork along our way…

Regent's canal artwork

Regent's canal graffitti

And the stairway to heaven…if heaven is an east London loft. Which it is. For me.

Regent's Canal loft


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