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Model for a day

I am very fortunate to always land in the company of super creative, open-minded and experimental people, who not only enjoy flexing their artistic muscle, but encourage me to do the same. And though I am by no means a professional model, I do enjoy being the center of attention (don’t act so shocked), and so am able and willing to pose for the wonderfully talent and just plain wonderful Tina Lalonde. A visual artist, Lalonde commissions paintings for a select audience (the lucky ones!), and works as a freelance photographer.

In terms of the shoot, we were a two woman show, with my styling and staring, and Lalonde taking care of the important bits. Including the location, which by the way, inspired the entire vibe of the stylistic narrative. We wanted to create an ethereal feeling, to evoke the spirit of the surroundings, and the season – romantic yet slightly jaded, from an eternal autumn.

And of course, this exploration in styling (and modelling, I suppose), would not have been successful without the confident and laid-back warmth that characterizes Lalonde. She makes you feel comfortable to do the most inherently uncomfortable things, i.e. rock climbing in Yves Saint Laurent heels.

After this experience I’m certain that the true secret to creating a successful collaboration, one that produces a moving body of work, relies obviously on co-operation, but also on profound respect and friendship. Naturally, Lalonde extents this warmth and respect to her subjects, enabling her to make true works of art.

Enjoy the photos


All photos by ©Tina Lalonde

Tina Lalonde Riverrat Imaging Photography

Tina Lalonde Riverrat Imaging Photography

Tina Lalonde Riverrat Imaging Photography

Tina Lalonde Riverrat Imaging Photography

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