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Phil Fish Fex Indie Game Maker

Mark and I watched a documentary about Indie Video Game makers. It was pretty cool. They were depressing, neurotic, anxious people. But in the end, Super Meat Boy (the game) earned them 10 million dollars. Not bad. They did spend 4 years of their life working on it. And they were in pitiful shape at the end. Looks like the pay out was worth it, though.

I forget why I wanted to talk about this…oh yes, expressing yourself. In 2010 I launched my own personal blog, at the time it was brooke rutherford [dot] com. Here’s a tip: you should claim your own domain now, and never let it go. Once you fail to renew it, sneaky people on the internet will purchase it and park it until you pay them thousands of dollars to get it back. I will own you again one day, brooke rutherford [dot] com. One day. 

I often regret not keeping up that blog.

At the time it was a fashion-focused blog, because at that point in time I was fashion-focused. But I often felt like it didn’t entirely represent me as an individual. It felt fake or forced to some extent.

Fast forward to 2011, and I began using this space as a photography blog, for like, two months. My shining moment was when I was asked to act as an affiliate for a German shoe company (if that’s not success then I don’t know what is). I tried negotiating for more money, and, considering I was in no position to do so, lost the deal. Oh well.

It’s now 2014 and I think about how 4 years have passed. I look at peers of mine who have maintained their blogs for 4 years. I’ve watched their blogs evolve as they did as people. (Check out f&co., who are constantly pumping out content and carving a space for themselves. That’s a result of working the grind. It requires years of dedication. Like the indie game developer dudes. You can never cheat the grind).

Back to those Indie gamers. And my point for this article. Super Meat Boy co-founder Tommy Refenes explains in the movie that making computer games was his way of expressing himself. This is the most basic concept, yet it explains how I’ve been feeling on and off for the past 4 years.

I have a great job that fulfils my interests and passions around media. I mean, what better company to work for than a marketing hero in the telco space?

But for the past 6 months I’ve been dying for a creative outlet. (Should I take a watercolour course or meditation? I ended up doing neither because I’m slightly lazy.) And the decision to take up blogging yet again is riddled with cliches in my mind: I just picture a 22 year-old “fashion blogger” taking pictures of themselves and writing about how they need the Christopher Kane twinset or else I’M GOING TO DIEEEE. (Disclaimer: I had to look up the latest trend from Anastasia Duck because I’m so out of touch with fashion. Disclaimer 2.0: Anastasia Duck would never talk like this or write like this, I’m purely using him as a reference for trends in fashion). 

On the flip side, I wouldn’t want to be one of those “social gurus” who wax and wane about how sh*t the iOS update is, pretending like I had something major to contribute to the already saturated discussion.

This post is already starting to descend into crap so I’ll make my point now.

You can spend 4 years whining about how you don’t want to be a cliche blogger. Or you can just F*&^$£% get on with it.

Rant over. Watch this movie: Indie Games. (p.s. it’s on Netflix).

Peace out

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