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How to book an Airbnb: A dead simple guide

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I get a lot of questions from friends and colleagues about how to book an Airbnb. So here’s a quick and dirty guide.

First and foremost, don’t assume whatever property you like will be available and will have good hosts. Don’t rush into the transaction.

Take your time to curate a list of your favourite listings. Then create a standard message template that you send out to all the hosts. Blast out as many of those as you can, and wait and see who responds promptly and politely.

In this message tell them the purpose of the trip, who will be with you, and what time you’re planning on arriving and departing from their property. Ask if they are happy to accept you then and there or if they prefer you to use the standard check in times. Ask if there are any additional charges (like late check in fees – if so, avoid these properties). And make sure they have linens and towels.

Once pre-approvals come rolling in, go through the ones you like best and make sure you read all the house rules and reviews. Book the one you’re comfortable with then politely decline the other hosts.

And for those of you who are really keen: Have a completed profile with a picture and bio. This will increase your likelihood of being pre-approved.

There. That’s all you need to know to survive your first Airbnb booking. Now go forth and book.

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