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I recently discovered this great website called It’s a screen-saver slash soothing music portal with guided mediation thrown in. And it is awesome.

Select the nature screen and accompanying sound that appeals most to you. Then select the length of time you wish to meditate for. It can be for two minutes, or 20. Up to you.

You also have the option to select guided meditation, where a woman with a soothing voice walks you through the basics of meditation. Personally, she doesn’t relax me, but I’m sure she would you.

I discovered this website through Checky, the app that I use to monitor my chronic phone checking behaviour. The co-founder of is Michael Acton Smith, author of Calm: Calm your mind. Change the world and CEO of kids entertainment company Mind Candy. Funnily enough, he’s from Marlow, which is just a hop-skip-jump from my office in Maidenhead.

I’ve started to use at the office for when I have moments. You know, when you’re working at such a fast tempo you can’t actually sit down and focus.

I used it this weekend, too, to whisk me off to sleep during an afternoon siesta. If you’re a naturally high-strung person like me, I definitely recommend you check it out. That said, if you’re just seeking to incorporate meditative practice into your life, this may be the way to go too.

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