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How to be a

I’ve always been interested in freelance-type marketplaces, as I’ve always been interested in going freelance. But also because I love the peer-to-peer economy. We all know my affinity for Airbnb, but I also use Task Rabbit, Uber, and Bizzby on a regular basis, too.

There’s something very empowering about cutting out the middleman and going direct to service provider or client. It’s empowering everyday people to be entrepreneurs, and run their own businesses on their own terms.

I’ve looked at different sites like Fiverr and eLance. But I’ve never taken them seriously. I’ve always just signed up and expected work to be handed to me. I would parouse different jobs and see loads of people pitching for the work, and would just think, “Nuts to this, what’s on Netflix?”

But of course, if you want to make a go at it, you have to put in the effort. (Duh, Brooke. Duh.) I’ve never really been inspired to explore further beyond the front pages of these freelance marketplaces. Until now.

On a recent episode of the James Altucher Show, James interviews Matt Barrie, founder of After listening to Matt speak about all the different use cases of…I’m engaged.

He talks about this one user who wanted to throw a pool party at his home in Australia. This guy was looking to ship giant inflatable swans from the US, but the shipping cost were outrageous. So instead, he posted a contest on to design and manufacture inflatable pool toys – the winner would get $400.

A factory in China bid on it, and won. He ended up buying $5,000 worth of product, and sold the remaining units online. He’s built a giant inflatable pool toy empire from, and ships $3,500 worth of inflatable pool toys a day.

When I think of people who manufacture and sell products, I often think they’re successful because not only do they have knowledge and expertise around manufacturing, but they have the skills and drive to raise funds to produce the product and take it to market.

This giant inflatable flamingo is a great example of how the peer-to-peer marketplace breaks down barriers for those who want to be in business for themselves, but don’t necessarily have the know-how around a certain area to do it.

It’s connecting skill sets from around the world to form all the necessary links needed to operationally run a business. And I think that’s brilliant.

So brilliant in fact that I’m thinking about hiring an SEO specialist for this site. So if it gets massively improved over the next few weeks, you’ll know it’s because I went to


  1. Mithun Mithun

    Hi Brooke,

    I’m a regular follower of your blog. I once came across a book that you recommended on healthy eating and lifestyle on one of your blogs. But I can’t recall the name now (had a yellow cover if i remember it right!). Sounds very morbid, But would be grateful if you recall it.

    I won’t get my hopes high, though!!


  2. You really should add this board to the freelancing websites: XPlace. It’s a great place to look for job opportuities – there are lots of then as well as higher hourly rates than on other similar websites for freelancers and no commission fee.

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