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How do you find what obsesses you?

Justine Musk, the ex-wife of Tesla and Space X founder and billionaire Elon Musk, recently responded to a question on Quora. The question was: How can I be as great as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson?

Her response was simple. Crazy successful people are just that, crazy. But more than crazy, they are obsessed. In fact, she used the word “obsessed” three times consecutively. Woah. I get it.

“Extreme success results from an extreme personality and comes at the cost of many other things…. Be obsessed. Be obsessed. Be obsessed. If you’re not obsessed, then stop what you’re doing and find whatever does obsess you.”

That’s great. Sign me up. I’m good at obsessing over things for short bouts of time. For instance, very recently, I was obsessed with Peaky Blinders. Today, I’m obsessed with Tom Hardy. About three months ago, I was obsessed with property development. I can do obsession.

But how do I find something I’m obsessed with on that kind of obsessive scale? I don’t know, do you?

I suppose you can’t really find an obsession. Maybe it has to find you?

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