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Here’s what David Karp the CEO of Tumblr said at dinner tonight

And I have to say, the event did not disappoint.

This was one of those corporate events you get invited to by the sales team as a way to get you to spend more money. But to be fair, usually they view it as an opportunity to add value to you, which in turn adds value to them. Win win.

The evening consisted of me sitting around a large banquet style table at Soho House along side the CEO of Tumblr, David Karp, and a few key stakeholders in the marketing industry.

We sat around and introduced ourselves like at summer camp. But we spent most of the evening asking David questions. And I was that annoying person who asked more than her fair share.

I always find these opportunities as just that, an opportunity to understand something better, to develop a deeper connection to a product, person or brand. After hearing David talk so passionately about how Tumblr was developed, and how it’s evolved, I feel compelled to start utilising my account more.

Here are the highlights from the event, in point form, because it’s near midnight and I’ve drank one too many glasses of champagne.

David Karp on the vision of Tumblr:

  • It’s a one page and one account to be yourself
  • It’s purpose was always to “Empower creators to make their best work and get it in front of audiences they deserve.”

On why people use Tumblr:

  • People come to tumble to veg out. You don’t really care what you see when you open it. It’s like when you get home after a long day and just want to veg out in front of your computer.

On what Tumblr is, really:

  • David considers and refers to Tumblr as a media network – which I thought was an interesting departure from a social network

Examples of good brands on Tumblr:

  • He referenced the brand Denny’s as an example of how a brand can post content which washes their story over you, everyday
  • Lincoln developed a really strong presence around their vintage cars which resonated with hipsters.

Last but not least, he suggested we check out to get stuck into the platform and explore all it has to offer.

And oh yeah, he chronically checked his phone. Which makes me feel less guilty about losing my Checky war with Mark.

All-in-all, a fabulous talk with a very passionate guys who is completely user- and product focused. He’s definitely encouraged me to start using Tumblr again. For those of you already on it, why not follow me:

If you have an account, please share it in the comments below. And I’ll follow you. 🙂

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