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Glorious, glorious spring

A few weeks back was the first official day of spring in my mind. I was leaving Bethnal Green tube station on my way home from work, and for the first time ever on that journey, the sun was still up. And I was feeling good.

It occurred to me then as much as it does now, how things come alive in the spring. You simply can’t be in a bad mood when the weather turns and the sun comes out. It’s a moment of awakening for everyone.

And as I write this post, sitting on my balcony in the early evening sun, listening to kids play in the park, I’ve realized that today is a very special day.

Not because anything spectacular has happened. But because the kids are still on half-term (aka spring break), and they’ve had beautiful weather to frolic and play all day. I can hear the ice cream truck in the distance, and the sun is beaming down on my face. Glorious, glorious spring.

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  1. Vicki Vicki

    Ode to Spring…Gotta love it!

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