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Expect to like the unexpected

I’ve realized recently, and often, that I like the unexpected. For example…


When I was 13 years old, a stylist cut all my hair off. I was given a pixie cut. It was a perfect example of how 13 year olds and adults miscommunicate. Either way, I was left with a Mia Farrow, which is something quite painful when you’re not prepared for it, especially at age 13.

I vividly remember walking up to my local neighbourhood McDonalds, and a group of 14 year old boys – who happened to be my “friends” – started to point and laugh. Kids can be so mean. I fled the scene immediately and vowed to never to cut my hair again.

Add 17 years to the equation, plus the subsequent ‘devil-may-care’ attitude that comes with age, and a Mia Farrow haircut doesn’t look half-bad. In fact, it looks quite cool.


Before we moved to this flat, I had renters-remorse. High rise apartment buildings? Yuck. The thought of having to live with strangers? Even worse.

I was seriously regretting signing up to this place, but the more time I spend here, the more I love it. It’s wonderful to have a balcony in London, especially one that backs onto a park, where people are constantly sun bathing, playing football or picnicking. It’s a daily reminder of the joy of summer pastimes. Who wouldn’t want a dose of that everyday?


When I first started working at Three, I was sure the daily commute would be enough to kill me. I was certain that I didn’t have the commuting lifestyle in me. But as you recall, I actually love making the journey. It provides a structure, or rather, ritual that I follow daily. Never would I have guessed that I would feel this way.


When Mark and I first started dating, age was a big issue for me. I was strongly opposed to seeing someone who happened to be four years my junior. And at 23 years old, surely he hadn’t gone through the formative (read: painful) years that are a necessary right of passage into adulthood?

To my surprise, he was – and is – more mature than most men 10 years his senior. And the ‘younger man’ factor has turned out to be quite a novelty. It’s like the Chanel of boyfriends.

So there you have it. Hair, home, work, love: Four examples taken from life that have turned out pretty awesome, even if completely unexpectedly so.

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