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How I became a feminist

Feminist [noun]: A person who supports feminism.  Feminism [noun]: the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. a belief in the social, political, economic equality of the sexes.  I guess it started from a young age. I grew up in a feminist household. My mother was always very strong-willed, and my father was always this quiet, gentle yet strong presence. He went to work whilst…

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I’m a horrible person / Delete the haters

Sometimes I think I’m a horrible, disgusting person. Not because of how I act or behave, or the way I treat people or the way I think. I feel like a horrible person because people tell me I am… I’m a horrible person because of the advice I give to 14-year-old girls on this blog. I’m ruining their lives, taking their innocence, and turning something sacred and special like sex into a…

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Blowjobs: An act of submission?

This post is part of my sex-ed series. To get these posts in your inbox sign up here.  I had a comment recently from a reader in which she talks about how her boyfriend has stopped going down on her. Despite this she still performs blowjobs on him whenever they meet. The issue, however, is that she is now left disappointed and resentful towards him. Which got me thinking about…

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USA and Canada Road Trip 2016

In March 2016 my husband and I embarked on a five-week road trip around the USA and Canada. By any measure it was a trip of a lifetime and certainly one we’ll never forget. Driving from state-to-state has always been considered a novel and romantic journey – one that dreams, books and movies are made of. Who hasn’t had the desire to hop into an old beat-up Ford and drive down…

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Bad customer service makes my blood boil

I ebb and flow through a lot of passions in life, but one that I always come back to is customer service. Bad customer service abhors me. Especially when if comes from places where you expect it the least, like restaurants, hotels, and airplanes. You know, places that exist solely to provide a service. Last year I got so worked up over a horrible experience on two consecutive Air Canada…

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