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Category: Life

I’m a horrible person / Delete the haters

Sometimes I think I’m a horrible, disgusting person. Not because of how I act or behave, or the way I treat people or the way I think. I feel like a horrible person because people tell me I am… I’m a horrible person because of the advice I give to 14-year-old girls on this blog. I’m ruining their lives, taking their innocence, and turning something sacred and special like sex into a…

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Do what is right for you

The year I turned 24 I went through some fairly significant life changes: I finished my Master’s thesis and six years of university, my grandfather passed away, I moved cities and took my first job out of school, I got dumped in a bad way, travelled to Europe for the first time, lost loads of weight and my period, started smoking, started and quit a PhD program at a French…

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