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British Sartorial Style

Teddy Boy Hastings Late 1970s

An original “street-style” photo circa 1970s depicts the always-quaint teddy subculture style inspired by the likes of Oscar Wilde, and Edwardian Dandies. This picture was NOT a source of inspiration for the treasures I found below, but rather a synthesis of the deep rooted elements of style I think these pieces convey.

Together these elements reminded me of a teddy-boy-prepster-plucked-from-urban-utopia-and thrown-into-the-wilderness vibe. You know, when one is forced to partake in a fun family holiday out in the country? You bring along your favourite pieces, like these hounds-tooth marc by marc jacobs brogues (kind of zoot-suit riot) and matching geometric shades (think sleek with an Italian-boy edge) as elements of survival, and reminders of your quintessential street-credibility, regardless of your surroundings (or what the company you keep may say).

But the pièce de résistance is the vintage M&S blanket coat. Perhaps you found it in the cottage, or stole it off your mom, but the satisfaction it provides – in terms of look and feel – is so essential for survival and “completing the look” that had you not stumbled upon this discovery you would freeze to death in accordance with your horribly impractical packing skills. Seriously, who wears brogues to the cottage?

You could go the predictable route and pair this Celine-inspired cape with very pedestrian high-heeled boots. But why be predictable when you can juxtapose these references together, mixing straight-laced and sharp brogues/shades with the soft-cozy-cottage-country-sophistication of a cape. What’s more, you’re mixing the rural and urban dress-codes so effortlessly you’ll never run the risk of looking (what’s that horrible word?), predictable.


Photo: Thanks to Les Bailey for the inset image.

Marks & Spencer Poncho Cape

Marks & Spencer Poncho Cape

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

Houndstooth Brogues


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