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Ask better questions

Two days ago I asked the question, “How do you find what obsesses you?”

That question in and of itself is not going to elicit the response I’m looking for, and here’s why.

It’s not a great question to ask. It’s myopic, it’s leading, it’s begging for a direct response. It’s assuming the answer is an easy one.

The answers I’m looking for are not easy ones. They will only be found through exploratory questions. Instead of asking for a direct route to a specific outcome – about life no less – we should be asking ourselves better questions.

Instead of asking what can I obsess over to make my life and career more successful, I should be asking what is it that I want to know more about? What are the things that fascinate me that I wish to explore? How can I learn more about what I already have a passion for?

How can I ask better questions?

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