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Hello. I’m Brooke. Welcome to my blog.

It continues to be a place where I share my thoughts, influences, and personal experiences.

It started when I was enamoured with fashion. You can find evidence of that here, here and here.

It grew to encompass food and my attempt to vlog a cooking show.

I also wrote a very personal story about the first time I had sex. It has come to be my most popular post, and the comments and community that has evolved from it – namely teenagers, mostly young women – has inspired me write more about sexuality and how it relates to our [women’s] reputation and position in society.

Lastly, I write about feminism. Because it’s a topic / movement / philosophy that is close to my heart and is always relevant – for we don’t yet have the markers of true equality. Some say we never will, but I believe the pursuit of pay equality and reproductive rights are still worth raising a flag for, don’t you?

Hope you enjoy what you read. Thanks for stopping by. And don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I love comments. 🙂


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  1. Vicki Vicki

    Write On! 🙂

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