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A New Kind of Silhouette  

It’s not like trousers are new to the runway, but as a welcomed alternative to leggings and leg-baring skirts, the trouser succeeds at drawing attention downward, away from any erogenous zone, elongating the leg in the process.

It’s a little more covered up, a little more comfortable, and subsequently a little more sophisticated and elegant.

Although what’s quite unique about these Pre-fall 2011 looks is the extent to which the flowing, excessively fluid fabric falls to the floor.

The gathered hemlines of these looks remind me of un-tailored versions of what would be on the runways. So what does this exaggerated look represent?

I always believe that designers are keen to represent an extreme aspect of a trend, while still showcasing more wearable versions within their collections. So when these hemlines drape and drag in an extremely annoying way (nothing is worse than tripping on too-long trousers) audiences should remember that this is a playful take on where silhouettes are going – namely, disguising the leg and emphasizing the torso.

Of course it certainly helps that Pre-fall collections are captured in a different format: runway-less and stationary models, posing rather than moving in these seasonal fashions.

Much like Resort, Pre-fall typifies the collections that fall between the heavy-hitting seasonal changes brought by the well-established spring/summer and fall/winter collections. In fact, journalists are apt to jump on the definition of Pre-fall and Resort whenever these collections come up. Almost as if they’re reacquainting audiences with the concept – that designers release mini-collections in the in-between season.

And surely enough, every December-ish when Pre-fall rolls around there’s the same old outcry that the term Pre-fall hardly captures the contribution of these collections.

Nevertheless, the concept behind these mini-collections enables designers to fill their stores with stock between the major seasons. And even though they’re often more or less capsule collections (comprised of a dozen or so looks give or take), it is firmly believed that the secrets to the upcoming season lie suggestively here with Pre-fall.

So, here are the elaborate trousers that caught my eye for Pre-fall 2011. My advice for donning such a silhouette? Tall, tall heels are a must. Platforms even. The heavier the better to ground these floaty-fluid looks.

Top to bottom: Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Ports 1961, Chanel, Reed Krakoff, Zac Posen, Zero + Maria Cornejo.

All photos from

Calvin Klein Pre-Fall 2011

Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

Reed Krakoff Pre-Fall 2011

Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2011

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