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Month: December 2016

Do what is right for you

The year I turned 24 I went through some fairly significant life changes: I finished my Master’s thesis and six years of university, my grandfather passed away, I moved cities and took my first job out of school, I got dumped in a bad way, travelled to Europe for the first time, lost loads of weight and my period, started smoking, started and quit a PhD program at a French…

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Blowjobs: An act of submission?

This post is part of my sex-ed series. To get these posts in your inbox sign up here.  I had a comment recently from a reader in which she talks about how her boyfriend has stopped going down on her. Despite this she still performs blowjobs on him whenever they meet. The issue, however, is that she is now left disappointed and resentful towards him. Which got me thinking about…

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