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Month: December 2010

A New Kind of Silhouette  

It’s not like trousers are new to the runway, but as a welcomed alternative to leggings and leg-baring skirts, the trouser succeeds at drawing attention downward, away from any erogenous zone, elongating the leg in the process. It’s a little more covered up, a little more comfortable, and subsequently a little more sophisticated and elegant. Although what’s quite unique about these Pre-fall 2011 looks is the extent to which the…

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New Year’s Resolution: Wear More Red

Happy Holidays everyone! Or as it’s said in London, Happy Christmas! I imagine you’re all with your friends and families, enjoying loved ones, resting and eating grotesque amounts of Christmas pudding, trifle, froie gras…whatever your food-related sin is. For me, times of rest mean brewing thoughts, times of reflection, times of growth, inspiration, relaxation, all things spiritual that keep me whole and centred. But I thought this would be a…

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Red Stamp by Benish Mahmoud

My dear friend Benish is a supremely talented visual artist. This is a piece from her graduate exhibition at Goldsmiths College, London. An international scholar, her work revolves around the notions of gender, identity, subversiveness, and deep and profound personal experiences. This particular piece symbolizes being trapped – literally and figuratively – between the roles one is expected to fulfil, particularly as a woman. The buzz is intended to irritate…

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British Sartorial Style

An original “street-style” photo circa 1970s depicts the always-quaint teddy subculture style inspired by the likes of Oscar Wilde, and Edwardian Dandies. This picture was NOT a source of inspiration for the treasures I found below, but rather a synthesis of the deep rooted elements of style I think these pieces convey. Together these elements reminded me of a teddy-boy-prepster-plucked-from-urban-utopia-and thrown-into-the-wilderness vibe. You know, when one is forced to partake…

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