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Month: November 2010

When you possess light within, you see it externally

When you possess light within, you see it externally -Anais Nin There’s something very grown up, clean and straight forward about these looks. They could be construed as conventionally pretty, but I think they embody a certain simplicity, a certain wholesomeness that feels very healthy, very of-the-moment. The freshness of unkempt hair, with the exception of a dramatic lip-paint, make for a laid-back approach to beauty, and subsequently style. It’s…

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Women of Power: Phoebe Philo

This month I’m launching a blog series called Women of Power, dedicated to those who inspire me both stylistically and ethically. This theme, like all great things, emerged organically. I was contemplating a belated wrap-up of Paris fashion week when a no-brainer came to fruition: fashion, right now, belongs in the hands of various influential and highly-powered female figures. And perhaps the be-all end-all collection from Paris – the one…

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Narrate and Share

Principle research scientist Andrew McAfee at the Center for Digital Business in the MIT School of Management knows a thing or two about maintaining records, and keeping one’s information impeccably organized and reference-able. In a discussion on Generation Y’s penchant for web 2.0-induced sharing, he presents some pretty cool insights on how this habit is beneficial for organizations. According to senior research analyst (NPR) Matt Gallivan, Gen-Y’s openness towards information…

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The C Word

There’s a growing consensus amongst my contemporaries. It involves the overuse of that dirty C word…you know…creativity. I could go deep into this rampant obsession and frothy-mouth-induced fascination that the “creative paradigm” has brought to all facets of our world – arts, science, and busine$$. But I’ll leave that to the experts. What’s more interesting to me is how we’ve come to distinguish anything that’s smacking of originality as “creative”.…

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