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Month: October 2010

Burton’s Beauties

Vicki Vale, Tim Burton and Batman’s leading photojournalist/heroine/babe played by Kim Basinger, enters Gotham City, and Gotham Globe, on the hunt for Batman. She meets him, falls in love, gets terrorized by the Joker, wears a lot of amazingly minimal things, triumphs to victory, etc. First off, the thing I love about Tim Burton is his sensitivity to costume. His characters always possess a little je ne sais quoi, which…

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London calling

Moving to London this fall, I’m poised with the challenge of packing perfectly impolite. If this contrast of adjectives sounds confusing then good – I’m already on the right track. London has a pretty peculiar reputation that combines tradition with subversion, structural-architectural tailoring with hodgepodge market finds, and a healthy dose of rebelliousness. England is the Motherland of punk – an ideology and style grounded in an anti-establishment ethos. London’s…

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